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Jesmond Gardens

Together, we grow and strive
for the exceptional; everyone, everyday

Meet our Staff

Leadership Team

Main Responsibilities

Mr P. Pritchard

Executive Head Teacher

Mrs H Bostock Senior Leadership Team

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs R Nicholson

Senior Leadership Team

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs L Gray

Senior Leadership Team

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs C Goodwin

Senior Leadership Team

Assistant Headteacher

Miss A Atkins

Senior Leadership Team

Assistant Headteacher

Teaching Staff

Mr S Curtin

Year 6

Mr S Marshall Year 5/6
Mrs R Nicholson Year 5
Mrs C Garwood Year 5
Mrs R Smith Year 5
Mrs J Vos Year 4
Miss K Coombs Year 3

Mr P Stevenson

Year 3/4

Mrs N Rooney Kiwi

Mrs C Goodwin

Year 2

Mrs R Curtin

Year 2
Mrs A Egan Year 1

Mrs L Woodhall

Year 1
Miss A Atkins Petals
Miss A Windsor Reception
Mrs L Gray Reception
Miss A Holroyd Nursery
Mrs K Hall 2 Year Olds

Teaching Assistants

Mr A Hall (HLTA)

Year 5/6

Mrs M Gibson

Year 5/6

Mrs C Cooke (HLTA)

Year 3/4

Mrs F Lauderdale

Year 3/4
Miss F Burton Year 1/2
Miss T Barker (HLTA) Year 1/2
Mr P Hamilton Year 1/2
Miss C Stringer


Miss L Dobbing


Mrs R Barker EYFS
Miss I McGregor EYFS
Mrs J McGregor  EYFS
Miss E Tyers EYFS
Mrs J Windsor EYFS

Office Staff

Miss B Train Admin Officer
Miss K Gallon Administrator
Mrs S Olver


Support Staff

Mr D Hoggarth

Site Manager

Mr J Brown

IT Technician

Mr C Everett Social Inclusion Officer

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs L Dobbing

Mrs. G. Darcy

Mrs. G. Stoddart

Mrs. S Charlton

Mrs L Taylor

Mrs K Crow

Mrs M Cornforth

Mrs D Hamilton