Safeguarding Children Online

Jesmond Gardens understands the importance of using a range of devices to support children’s learning both in school and at home. They can assist in all areas of the National curriculum as well as entertain and provide opportunities for social development. As a result of their increased use, technology has become a medium for safeguarding issues and provide a platform for bullying, exploitation, grooming and Child sexual exploitation.


At Jesmond Gardens we have a comprehensive approach to empower both children and families to know what content is appropriate and how to report content that is concerning.


The breadth of issues classified within online safety is considerable, but can be categorised into three areas of risk:

  • content: being exposed to illegal, inappropriate or harmful material; for example, pornography, fake news, racist or radical and extremist views;
  • contact: being subjected to harmful online interaction with other users; for example, commercial advertising as well as adults posing as children or young adults; and
  • conduct: personal online behaviour that increases the likelihood of, or causes, harm; for example, making, sending and receiving explicit images, or online bullying.

These three issues are taught within our school online safety curriculum; however, this is flexible to adapt to any topical issues at present within current society and the needs of our school community.