Pupil Engagement

Student learning at Jesmond Gardens has iPad embedded at its heart. With our well established 1:1 iPad scheme in place across all year groups, children become fluent and creative users of technology as they progress through the school. As this has been in place for over seven years, we have been able to observe the way that whole cohorts of students flourish throughout their entire journey with us, demonstrating how iPad can have a significant impact upon the ways in which pupils engage with their education.



Children are encouraged to think about the way in which they engage with their learning. As they move through the school, they explore new ways of creating content and sharing what they have learned. 



 Children combine text with photo editing software to create empowering graphics. 





When our flexible learning environment was restricted, and children were forced to remain in their ‘bubbles’ iPad still allowed them to stay connected with their friends. Video messages and live chats were central to their enjoyment of school, their mental health and also their sense of getting back to normal. 





Children connect with their classmates and share learning experiences, even during national restrictions.





Our curriculum is brought to life through carefully planned activities, interactive lessons and also by children initiating their own learning. When they have an idea, they are encouraged to be the leaders of their own learning. 


Children use green screen technology to become immersed in the learning. 






Teachers use a wide ranging strategies to give feedback to their students. Voice notes left on Showbie are an amazing way for students to receive pinpoint feedback that is tailored just for them, and feels personal and caring. They can also use this as a basis for further learning, taking more independence in their own education. 



Groups of children collaborate in flexible learning environments, using iPad to support their discussions and direct their enquiry. 







Teachers work hard to find new and exciting ways to incorporate technology into their lessons.  When they find success, they share it with their rest of the staff, building a culture of collaborative, peer-to-peer professional development.





Music can be recorded, edited and shared. 





From their first steps in school, all the way through the their preparation for their transition to secondary school, children work together on projects with a real-world focus.





 Children love to work together on projects and presentations. 







Apps for Learning

We asked the children which apps they thought were important to their learning.