Admissions Information

If you wish to put your child’s name down for a nursery place then please ring the school.  It is never too early to do this! Mrs. Gray will explain how it all works.

All admissions for children in Reception to year 6 are administered by the Local Authority Admission Department on 01429 266522.

However, this does not stop you from coming to ask the school for information and to look round. All of our year groups have a maximum of 45 children in each year so we can give you up to date information and support.

Parents of all children coming into nursery and reception and have a full induction programme and we aim to help all children coming in to the school at any time. We recognise what an anxious time it is for children and parents!

Do ring the school on 01429 274672 for any advice and information.

Please find link below to Hartlepool Borough Council Community Schools Admission criteria.

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