Learning with iPad

 At Jesmond Gardens, our children quickly become fluent in our essential apps on iPad that allow them to interact with their learning every day. Working alongside experienced teachers, and also some of our amazing digital leaders from KS2, the youngsters gain the fluency and skills in these apps which allows them to communicate, create and collaborate in our digital-learning based classrooms. 



Central to this is the hybrid learning app, Showbie. Find out more about how we use Showbie across the school here.

Book Creator

Children across the school use Book Creator to present their work in many different ways. Whether it be taking photographs, making films or even adding sound to their work, learners are able to personalise their own experiences and develop their digital learning skills as they move through the school. 


Apple Classroom 

Classroom allows teachers and support staff to remotely focus the learning within our learning pods. Even when children are working independently, teachers can monitor their progress, manage their workflows and even control their devices. 


Supporting All Learners 

With every child having access to their own iPad, we are able to customise their experience perfectly for them. 

For children who require larger text, or bolder fonts, iPad allows us to adjust this setting so that they can easily access the same content as other learners. 



There is also the option for children to use the ‘zoom’ tool to get a much closer look at smaller on-screen elements.



Where children use hearing aids in school, they can use headphone jacks to connect to their device, as well as connecting to the Apple TV via their bluetooth receivers.

Some children in school feel more comfortable reading from a screen with a tinted contrast. With iPad, this is a quick adjustment that can make a huge difference to their ability to access the learning. 



 Using the dictate feature, children can orally narrate their writing, instead of writing if this is something that they require. It also promotes clear articulation and accurate use of grammar!