Core Subjects


At Jesmond Gardens, we believe that the skills developed in English are of paramount importance to the life skills of our pupils.  Through the development of reading and writing abilities, children are able to engage in the wider curriculum successfully.  They are able to enjoy a whole world of experiences.


At Jesmond Gardens, we want our pupils to be confident and fluent readers who find pleasure in reading.  We invest in Bug Club and also a range of printed books for children to read in school and at home.  The use of the Go Read website ensures that all stake holders are able to access a record of the pupils’ reading.  This record then follows them throughout their school life.


Phonics is taught using Little Wandles Letters and Sounds Revisited .  Assessment books follow the pupils through school so all staff and children are aware of gaps in knowledge and this can be addressed immediately. 


At Jesmond Gardens, writing is inspired by a text often linked to the topic pupils are learning.  Children are exposed to a range of genres and develop their skills progressively.  SPaG elements are taught both as part of the writing cycle, if appropriate, or stand alone if not.  Jesmond Gardens follow the Hartlepool agreed document and pupils are able to independently consolidate spelling skills using the website Spelling Frame.


Phonics- Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised

At Jesmond Gardens we use Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised. This section will show you how to support your child at home with reading.  Follow the link below to access videos, explanations and resources to support your child at home.


Maths Calculation Policy